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Developer Mode

What it does[edit]

  • You can right-click in the game window and access the Chromium developer toolbar. This helps for editing CSS.
  • Various data editors can be accessed from the main menu, including the Dialogue Editor.
  • It notices if you edit files while it's running. This makes it run noticeably slower.

How to turn it on[edit]

  • Right clicking on the game in your Steam library and going to Properties
  • Click on Set Launch Options in the General tab
  • Enter --developer into the box.
  • You can turn it off again by deleting it out of the box.
  • If you're on Itch, you can write a batch file to pass --developer as an option. (do the following:)
  • First go to Notepad or Wordpad and write the following code down:

@echo [off]
title Fleshcult dev mode
start "" (file path here)\fleshcult.exe --developer

  • Then save the note as a batch file (.bat)
  • Move the batch file to the same location as fleshcult.exe
  • Now launch the game using the batch file you've just created you should see a dialogue editor on the main screen if you've done it right
Making Mods
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