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File Hierarchy

Contents of a mod folder[edit]

These files are optional unless otherwise noted. If you see a .html file, it's probably actually a Jinja template.

  • modname/
    • metadata.ini (REQUIRED)
      • Contains metadata about how the mod should be displayed and categorised

    • modname.css
      • This stylesheet gets loaded on every page when the mod is enabled.

    • template_blocks/
      • pagename_blockname_before.html
        • Some Jinja content to load before a particular block in a particular HTML page.
      • pagename_blockname_after.html
        • Some Jinja content to load after a particular block in a particular HTML page.

    • templates/
      • If you stick HTML files in here with the same name as ones in the real templates folder, they'll override the stock ones. Don't do this if there's another way to achieve your goal, because only one mod at a time can be the one that 'wins' the override.

        On the other hand, if you wanted to say, replace the macro that draws a meter, and you want all the other mods to use your new meter too, then it'd be appropriate to override meter.html

    • static/
      • If you stick CSS files with the same names as the stock CSS files, they'll override. Once again, please try to use the modname.css approach instead because it'll play nice with other mods.

      • img/
        • You can override the stock images, but the more flexible way to do it is to write CSS in your modname.css to set new images to the HTML elements.
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