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Modding/Steam Workshop

Uploading to Steam Workshop[edit]

  • Launch Fleshcult from Steam.
  • Go to the Mods menu off the main menu.
  • Notice how each button has `source - local` or `source - steam` written under it in fine print. The local ones are in the mods/ subfolder where you can work on them.
  • If you're successfully connected to Steam, each of these local mods should have an Upload to Steam button displayed.
  • Hit the button, hit Request ID, fill in the form and then hit Upload Settings and Content, and you're done.
  • It's perfectly fine to download your mod from steam as well in order to test it. This shows up as a second identical mod labelled 'source - steam'.
  • If you want to make an update, it's just like the initial upload except you use the existing Workshop ID number you requested, instead of asking for a new one.

Downloading from Steam Workshop[edit]

  • Click on Fleshcult in your Steam library.
  • Go to the Community Hub tab.
  • Go to the Workshop tab.
  • Click on a cool mod. i.e. not Sexy Thatcher.
  • Hit the subscribe button. You'll notice it appear in the Downloads window.
  • Once it's finished, launch Fleshcult and it should appear in the Mods menu, where you can click on it to enable it.
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